Eye Treatments at AL HIBA

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the removal of the natural lens of the eye that has developed an opacification.

Glaucoma Surgery

Surgery involves either laser treatment or making a cut in the eye to reduce the intraocular pressure.

Pterygium Surgery

Pterygium surgery involves removal of the abnormal tissue from the sclera and cornea of the eye.

Ptosis Surgery

Ptosis surgery is a bread-and-butter procedure for oculoplastic surgeons, but its prevalence belies the challenges it can present.

Squint Surgery

Squint surgery usually involves tightening or moving one or more of the outside eye muscles to change the eye position.

Diabetic Retinopathy

People with diabetes can have an eye disease called diabetic retinopathy. This is when high blood sugar levels cause damage to blood vessels in the retina.

Gluacoma laser

Laser that is used to lower intraocular pressure in glaucoma when eye drop medications are causing significant side effects.

Retina Clinic

Specialized in ophthalmology and in diseases and surgery of the vitreous body of the eye and the retina.

Pediatric Opthalmology

Sub-speciality of ophthalmology concerned with eye diseases, visual development, and vision care in children.